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Manufacturing Firm CMS

  • Developing CMS for the manufacturing company
  • ECommerce features included.
  • POS terminal included.
  • Dealer store and franchise operations are included.
  • Forms for contact us and for submitting event requests
  • SSL and CDN facilities included
  • Business email facilities included
  • SEO and content optimization for better client reachability
  • Digital marketing services like email marketing, SMS marketing, and more
  • Admin management included.

3 months

  1. Business Hosting & Domain (WAIBH0209)
  2. Event Website (OHSW20)
  3. Maintenance Package (DFBK)
  4. SEO service (LSWAI01)
  5. Digital Marketing Services (DMBG20)
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P Chandan Kumar Patro
Founder, The Event Wala

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